monkeys in car

Riding in a car with monkeyshiners…

“Normally this is 0′ Dark Stupid, but today it’s 0′ Dark Monkey”

“Wow, this is a lot of monkeys”

“I’ve had too much coffee; I need to pee”

“Do we have all the monkeys in the car?”

“That was the most stealth drop I’ve ever seen”

“Ninja for now”

“Are those stalkers or hiders?

“That dude is really sketchy…  Oh wait, he’s one of us”

“I don’t think those are stalkers or hiders; I think they’re going to be on the news later”

“Do we still have any glass floats for bribes in case we get pulled over for that illegal U-Turn?”

“If they’re driving fast, they’re on their way to work-If they are diving slow, they are monkey stalkers”

“Are you Naughty?”  “Are you Generous?”

“I haven’t showered, my  hair’s a mess and a forgot to brush my teeth-at least I’m wearing pants”

“Dude, I am flying sooo high on coffee.  Did I mention how bad I have to pee?”

“Take only ONE!”

“Don’t make me fling poop”

monkeys in car

I Spy With My Little Eye…

Oh MY!

More tomorrow… or in the wee hours of the morning…  or whenever suits the Naught Monkey and her co-collaborators.



The Naughty Monkey Loves the 12th Girls

The 12th Ram


ram messge in a bottle

Now this is something new and different…


The Naughty Monkey Answers your Questions – Part Deux

“Are you Ms Monkey?”

No silly, why do people keep asking me that? I am the “Naughty” monkey (with a capital “N”). I work for Ms Monkey, I make her laugh, I make her cry, I liquor her up when I’m in too much trouble (you can’t even imagine how often that is). You can get around the whole happy hour thing by putting champagne in orange juice; then it’s a mimosa and “brunch” This can soothe a cranky Ms Monkey any time it is required. (and she’s been really cranky at me lately) Did you know that the HUB makes a huge Mimosa they call a “ManMosa”?  but I digress…

“Some are in places so obscure they are still there ten years later. I have some questions around that comment since I harbor a (not so secret now) fantasy of finding a cache of all twelve Monkeyshines. 1. Are they within the city limits of Tacoma? 2. Are they in places the public can access without at risk of arrest (for trespassing, etc.)? 3. Would a person have to open electrical box covers, sprinkler boxes or other things that might make us uncomfortable or get some agency mad at the finder? (See, we do read what you post – do you feel more appreciated now?)”

Wow, that’s a lot of questions. The official rule of Monkeyshines is that they are hidden ONLY in public areas where monkeys and the public have legal right to go and do not require burglary tools to access (we can neither confirm nor deny however, any breaking dusk to dawn curfew rules because all monkeys are somewhat naughty)

Do I feel appreciated? Liquor would make me feel appreciated, and chocolate.. and some lovely cheese… and a nice back rub, glass blowing, tree climbing, running, jumping and poop flinging are hard work. Maybe a little soft music and telling me I’m pretty before…

Ooops, went off the rails there.

“What is wrong with you?”

A lot of things; Most of them are hard to pronounce.

“You are an asshole”

Wow! Do you kiss your mother with that mouth?

I am rubber…
you are glue..
when I fling poo..
it’s gonna stick all over you…


“I want to become a monkey; Is it possible?”

Well first, you’d need to rearrange you DNA (and dump some strands, we only use the important ones) become naughtier and more clever, do a lot of upper body exercises and grow a tail.

The tail is very important for poop flinging. Both as counter balance and for hanging from tree branches to get those extra special, “down the back of the pants/into the cleavage/splat on the bald spot” shots.

In all seriousness, you CAN help by being a “monkey enabler”:

and getting one of the limited edition year of the ram glass cups.

You can also donate via PayPal to or they can be dropped off at Creative Forces in the murano hotel…

“How much art is being put out this year?”

Our motto this year is “Go Big or Go Home!” (well, that’s second to “Mess with us and we’ll fling poop, take our toys and go home”)

Officially, about 3,500 released on varying dates, in various forms: glass, pottery, letterpress, messages in bottles (poetry) and fiber arts. There are also marbles, octopus marbles, ladybugs, 12th man stones and crystals put out by the monkeys’ friends.

Last year, the naughty monkey (who just loves referring to herself in the 3rd person) found all sorts of interesting things left by others when she was hiding the Monkeyshines.

What will you give back?

“What should we do if we see a monkey doing monkey things?”

Turn and walk, no RUN away. We aren’t putting up with any shenanigans this year. Our ninja monkeys, are lurking in the shadows with the latest encrypted communication technology to warn us of intruders. We will pack up our shiny toys and go home (and that includes removing any we’ve already hidden)…

When monkeys are annoyed or feel threatened, they fling poop!

We WILL fling poop at you.

We are preparing by eating lots of fiber and spicy, spicy things. It’s Pho King Monday every day of the week as of late.

“I guess I should have asked if you would tell us when it was time, but there’s a naughty answer to that one too?”

Correct! You win a prize!

“Is it time?”

Why yes, it IS time, oh wait, now it’s ten seconds later… Time is a man made construct, an illusion, just say no to the man and chill. Things unfold as and when they should.

“Time to head out?”

Monkeyshines is about serendipity, that magic moment of being in the right place at the right time, of eying that glint from under a bush, in a tree or behind a rock, finding your treasure, photographing it and posting on the comment thread on Exit 133 (and Facebook, and Instagram and Twitter…)

“What do I need to know about this year’s Monkeyshines?”

The same thing you need to know every year.

Take only one. Consider giving back. Help make it fun for everyone.

And do NOT stalk, follow, harass or molest  the moneys while they are in the course of performing their duties, or THIS will happen to you before they take their toys and disappear forever.



The Naughty Monkey Answers your Questions

“Why are you so naughty?”

Everyone has their own special talents, even you (and you and you…) Mine is being naughty. Despite what you may have heard from anti-science political talking heads, it is not a choice. Naughty Monkeys are born this way.

“I’ve heard you aren’t part of the project and just like stirring up trouble”

No, and Yes. I am not only part of the project, but part of the inner circle, one of Ms Monkey’s special select monkeys. Of course, it’s getting harder and harder to get away to feed information to Exit 133, to blog and do other naughty things. After 11 years, Ms Monkey is tired and kinda cranky if you annoy her before happy hour. And of course I like stirring up trouble; it’s what Naughty Monkeys do. That; and fling poop.

“What are you? Like 10 years old? – LOL”

Oh please, you’re arguing with a monkey on Twitter, who’s the immature one here? And who says “LOL” anymore?

“Quit ruining the fun for the rest of us; this isn’t about you!”

Oh you silly human, the name of the project is MONKEYshines.  Who do you think it’s about?  Monkey artists!  and CREATING the fun for the community.  If the wrong kind of naughty folks weren’t stalking the monkeys, taking more than their share and really ruining the fun for others we wouldn’t need to switch things up this year.

Looks like it’s time for someone to switch to decaf. oh and to quit hanging out with the curmudgeon who posted the question above yours.

They monkeys love you even if you’re cranky.

“You are my favorite Naughty Monkey. Where is your favorite place to be naughty in Tacoma?”

I am THE Naughty Monkey. I like to be naughty everywhere. It is after all what I do. This one night after closing at Doyle’s…

Oh wait, you want to know where we’re hiding things. Nice try.

“I’ll bite (I think you knew I would), Will the drop happen on or before Thursday February 19th?”

Yes it will happen on or before or after or all three. Thanks for playing.

“You said we could ask questions, so I will…. I took the 19th off of work to explore and search again with our kids, but it sounds like you guys will not be hiding them that day.  Should I save up my vacation days for another time? If so, can you tell me which day I should search? “

A day off work is never wasted.

“Hi Naughty Monkey, Even though we have lived in Tacoma since 2000, this is the first we have heard about monkeyshines. We have seen people posting photos of finding marbles and octopus creations, but I am wondering when should start hunting and the areas we should go to hunt.”

When the moon is in the 7th house and Jupiter aligns with mars. Monkeyshines are hidden in different places every year. Some are in such obscure places that they are still out there over a decade later. Some are hidden in favorite locations. You can try reading comments from previous years posts on Exit 133 for ideas, but everyone else will be doing that too.

“I have a high school running monkey who gets very naughty without sleep. She didn’t listen to you and was up early searching for monkeyshines. Can she sleep in tomorrow?”

Darn lazy teenagers always want to sleep in. She should get up and go running, and then mow the lawn, and then take out the garbage. The list goes on.

“Tease! Oh Naughty Monkey, you are so cheeky! I think I love you. “

OK, that’s not a question, but I included it because I love being called cheeky”